Lung Treatment

Lung Disease Treatment

Independent Lung Associates provide a wide variety of therapies for various lung conditions. Our focus is on providing patients with advanced and effective treatment options. We tailor each patient’s treatment plan according to their condition and medical history for a more comprehensive care and personalized approach.
Our medical professionals’ approach to treating lung disease starts with a thorough patient assessment, including tests, scans, and a detailed review of their medical history. After a diagnosis, the patient and doctor discuss the suggested treatment plan, including medication and dietary, exercise, and smoking cessation changes.
Our primary goal is to manage and slow the disease’s progression. Independent Lung Associates can provide the most effective therapeutic treatments, such as pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen therapy, bronchodilators, inhalers, and immunotherapy, with the help of advanced technology.|
In addition, we have experience in treating various diseases, including asthma, COPD, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary hypertension. The expertise and skills of our ensure optimal lung function, improved breathing, and a better quality of life for our patients.

Respiratory Therapy Florida

The treatment, supervision, and maintenance of the patient’s breathing are the focus of the allied health specialty known as respiratory therapy. Therapy that improves respiratory efficiency makes breathing easier and makes life more comfortable. Our respiratory therapy can help you breathe easier if you have chronic lung or heart conditions that cause shortness of breath.
Our healthcare professionals educate patients on the importance of exercise, breathing evaluations, and progress tracking as possible therapy components. As an illustration, low oxygen levels may show that you need respiratory therapy because your respiratory system isn’t working properly. Our respiratory therapists help identify, observe, and care for diseases affecting breathing and the lungs in people of all ages.
The main categories of respiratory therapy are respiratory therapy for the elderly, children, adults, and the pediatrically ill. You can ask our doctors if you might benefit from receiving respiratory therapy. It’s necessary to speak with a healthcare professional if you have breathing problems to get an accurate diagnosis.
We are present for this reason. Independent Lung Associates provides respiratory services in Florida’s Melbourne, Rockledge, Malabar, and Merritt Islands.